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Paul Ryan’s Politics of Gruel…….are Workhouses Next?

“Please sir, I want some more…” it’s one of the most poignant pleas in literature, recognizable by generations of people around the world as the words spoken by a young and hungry Oliver Twist in Dickens’ famous novel of the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Inequality Problem……..Illusory Wealth

Despite elected officials promises to restore the American middle class, we’ve increasing become a country with just two classes economically – the class of people who work for money and the class of people whose money works for them.

Millions of people will enjoy watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill as demoniacal deceptive traders in the Wolf of Wall Street. At some point after they stop laughing, they’ll think about the description of ‘The Market’ as a giant Ponzi scheme and wonder just how much of the wealth of the top 1% is based on creating tangible goods and services and how much of it is ‘wealth on paper’ generated by making successful bets with other people’s money? Continue reading

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