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A New Way of Leadership

The DPA event, aptly titled, Not One Step Back, did a great job of connecting human faces and human stories to the abstract concept of a “war on drugs” so that participants had a clear sense of what’s happening in our communities and what we need to do to change it…… Continue reading

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The New Jacobins…..

The Tea Party movement has associated itself with the wrong revolution… they have more in common with the French Revolutionaries than the American. Their character, tactics and goals are consistent with and reminiscent of, the extremists of the French Revolution, organized around a debating society known as the Jacobin Club that took power during the most critical part of the Revolution and will be forever remembered for ushering the infamous period known simply as “The Terror”. Continue reading

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Political Puppeteers: Policing Pregnancy for Profit, Promoting Personhood for Power

Poor and working-class women often find pregnancy a difficult time, especially if they have jobs that don’t offer health care benefits, sick time or maternity leave. Those challenges can make pregnancy difficult enough without the extra worry of health care providers and/or zealous prosecutors looking over your shoulders and sometimes even examining your urine to make sure you aren’t engaging in activities they consider ‘harmful’ to your fetus. Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s Politics of Gruel…….are Workhouses Next?

“Please sir, I want some more…” it’s one of the most poignant pleas in literature, recognizable by generations of people around the world as the words spoken by a young and hungry Oliver Twist in Dickens’ famous novel of the … Continue reading

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A Hallelujah Moment! Justice for Clarence Aaron and Seven Others Serving Time for Crack Cocaine Offenses

Clarence Aaron has been in prison for 20 years, at 42, he’s spent almost as much of his life behind bars as he spent a free man. We can’t give him back the years he lost or the years lost by the other seven men and women who were victims of racially biased crack cocaine sentencing laws, but we can move affirmatively to reduce the injustice to future generations. Continue reading

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Gating the Debate about Race……………

I’ve got a new term to add to the American colloquial lexicon: Gating – to close off discussion of a sensitive cultural or political issue (e.g. race, torture, abortion) by declaring an incident a “teachable moment” sitting down for a … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance

There is a basic disconnect in the attitude of Americans between what they believe to be true and what they are willing to tolerate in the name of ‘public safety’. Some examples:

1. The majority of Americans believe the “harsh interrogation techniques” used on prisoners at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib constituted torture under both the Geneva Conventions and U.S. law, yet they are willing to allow people to be subjected to such treatment, if they believe it is necessary to protect ‘national security’ – e.g. avoid an imminent terrorist attack.
Continue reading

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